The history

The Strohheker GmbH

  • 1981  
    Foundation of the company Strohheker GmbH by Rolf Strohheker

  • 1984  
    The second generation has been employed by Mr. Armin Strohheker as managing director since 1984.

  • 1992  
    From 1981 to 1992, the Strohheker moved for space reasons three times, until in 1992 the new bulding on Mittlerer Hardweg could be obtained. Since then, the number of employees has grown from 3 to 30 people.

  • 1992  
    In the intermediate vicinity, a new building complex was acquired, with the aim to move the entire company from the old to the new building.

  • 2013  
    From 01.01.2013 on, Mr. Kai U. Burkhardt is the sole managing director of the company.

  • 2014  
    December 2014, rolocation to the acquired building in the Unteren Hardweg 9, moving of the company Schulz into the premises of the complex.

The Schulz GmbH

  • 1966  
    Foundation of the company Schulz GmbH by Max Schulz with headquarters in Eisingen and later in Pforzheim.

  • 1997  
    Acquisition by the shareholder Gerd Karallus, certification according to ISO 9002

  • 1999  
    Relocation of the new business premises in Neuenbürg with all employees.

  • 2010  
    Expansion of the company building by 600 square meters of production and storage space. Acquisition of a CNC milling machine Kunzmann. Purchase of a 50t Bruderer stamping machine with camera test cell. Acquisition of a tactile 3D measuring machine.

  • 2013  
    Change of name - Schulz Stanz- u. Umformtechnik GmbH. Purchase of a video measurement projector for automated measurement.

  • 2014  
    Moving to Pforzheim-Huchenfeld.


Fusion of both companies into StrohhekerSchulz Stanz- und Hybridtechnik GmbH