Environmental protection


Clean production

At STROHHEKER, we consciously rely on a consistently environmentally friendly production method. So we use production processes that avoid bad pollutants in exhaust air, sewage and soil and reduce noise emissions. Just as important: the efficient use of energy and raw materials as well as material-saving recycling processes.

Environmental policy and occupational safety

  1. STROHHEKER is committed to keep the existing environmental laws.
  2. We commit to tackle anything necessary of what we have discovered on our own initiative without legal obligation or official requirements.
  3. It`s our task to continuously improve our environmental performance. The improvements relate to the areas of environmental impact and environmental management.
  4. STROHHEKER acknowledge their responsibility to promote the environmental consciousness of their employees at all company levels through respective training measures and regularly occurring environmental audits.
  5. We are committed to monitoring facilities, products, emissions and disposal at our own responsibility.
  6. It´s one of the tasks of STROHHEKER, in addition to the profitability, to commit to environmental protection as well. This means, that we value new products regarding to their environmental impact within our capabilities in a special way.
  7. We consider it our duty to contain the raw materials and energy from the point of view of resource conservation and keep the principle of sustainable development.
  8. Within the framework of possibilities and taking into the account the economic conditions of STROHHEKER, we commit ourselves to innovative implementation of environment friendly technology.
  9. We commit ourselves to reduce, as much as possible, the burden of humans and the environment during the production, storage, transport, distribution and use STROHHEKER´s products.
  10. Furthermore, we will work purposefully on waste avoidance and separation. Our environmental goals are embedded in corrective procedures and measures that guarantee compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and the respective environmental laws.
  11. All Employees are responsible for achieving the environmental protection aims of the company.
  12. Environmental protection does not only mean that all legal requirements are met. Therefore, all employees are asked to take additional measures on their own initiative.
  13. Every employee must contribute to improving the security occurrences by personal goals.
  14. All employees have a sharped responsibility concerning the occupational safety in their field. They are obliged to strictly comply with regulations and instructions.
  15. Sources of accidents must be systematically monitored, causes and measures recorded and remedied by suitable means in an environmentally sound manner.