Quality culture

Qualtatskultur PRO43483J

Living quality

Our team of employees has internalized our quality philosophy and consciously lives an active corporate culture of quality and innovation. We see this as a permanent personal challenge for our entire team – because certifications, test procedures as well as measurement and control activities are only worth as much as they are really accepted and practiced in the company!

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Systematic security

All organizational, quality assurance and communication processes are comprehensively systematized and documented throughout all areas. In this way, we continuously follow the zero-error-principle.

Quality-related business principles

In order for our company to be able to assume responsibility for its services, especially the quality relevant ones, towards its customers, we have developed the following quality principles:

  • In order to achieve our goals, we want to maintain an effective and economical quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • We want to ensure economic production and maintenance of the required product quality by clearly identifying and determining the product requirements.
  • We want to anchor the quality responsibility in the executing department by self-examination and do not rely on the subsequent checking and correction of errors.
  • Through an independent quality system, we want to ensure that the required quality assurance measures are coordinated and enforced.