Plastic and injection molding technology

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Our plastic materials

  • ABS
  • C-ABS
  • PA
  • PBT
  • PC
  • POM
  • PP
  • PUR

Broad spectrum

For overmolding of metal parts, we offer innovative plastic injection molding solutions for all conceivable application profils. We produce miniature parts as well as high-tech components with complex geometries with the utmost precision on state-of the-art equipment – for quality reasons, we usually produce tools and molds ourselves. Our machines operate in a clamping force range up to 700 kN at injection part weight of 0.03 to 40 grams / shot.

Complete offer

  • High-quality plastics / theromoplastics
  • Versatile manufacturing processes
  • Further processing of stamped / bent parts with plastic injection molded parts to metal plastic-components
  • High-precision and complex plastic-moldings