Stamping and forming technology

StanzUmformtechnik PRO43487J

Highest precision

With state-of-the-art stamping machines that deliver up to 125 tons forming power, we ensure quality and cost-effectiveness in series. Powerful peripheral systems ensure short machining cycles and a high degree of automation. We process plain surface-treated and profile-milled strips and sheets with up to 300 mm wide and thicknesses from 0.1 to 6.0 mm.

Demanding follow-up processes

Of course, we also offer complex solutions for all required preliminary stages and follow-up processes. For example, various pre-, post- and surface treatments also for milled strips. Whether galvanic or chemical treatment, powder-coated or lacquered – we have seamlessly integrated well-established, specialized partners into our production logistics for all variants.


  • Plugs
  • Conectors
  • Contacts
  • Connecting and fastening elements
  • Contact springs
  • Connection parts with thread
  • Precision stamp parts with and without surface finishing
  • Precision stamp parts on strip with and without surface finishing
  • Metal-plastic components

Surface finishing

  • Galvanic
  • Silver, gold, tin
  • Zinc, nickel
  • Selective finishing
  • Parts of selectively finished strips
  • Powder-coated components
  • KTL coating
  • Anodizing


  • CrNi steel
  • CuZn
  • Cu
  • Al
  • CuSn
  • CuBe